“The Red Cross is #1 in My Book”

By Taylor Poisall, Red Cross Communications

Karrín Pachecho is no stranger to evacuating. On Wednesday, September 7, the North Fork resident was outside working in the yard when she heard planes flying overhead. “That’s when I saw the flames. They were a rock-throwing distance away.”

“I thought I would do things differently this time. But I still didn’t grab everything I needed.”

Her evacuation experience was scary. “I went to get the lady I live with and the pets. We have four kittens and their mama, but I could only find three of the kittens. We grabbed as much as we could, including important documents, and loaded up two cars with the animals and some of our things. The firefighters were coming up the road as we began to get in the car. They said “It’s time to go,'” she explained. “I’m worried about the other two cats, but I’m hopeful they’re okay. There’s a pool of water for them outside. We know our 125-year-old home is still standing with the three Redwood trees outside.”

The Fork Fire began three days after the 2020 Creek Fire anniversary, which was her first experience on the receiving end of Red Cross services. “They went above the call of duty taking care of us then,” she heartfully said. “We were at hotels [during the pandemic] and volunteers brought 3 meals a day to our doors. They took such great care of us.”

Once again, she finds herself at a Red Cross shelter. “What’s so special about the Red Cross is how they treat you. They greet you with a smile, and they make you feel comfortable. There’s no judgment there, just help. It’s so nice.”

“If I ever become a millionaire, this would be the place to donate. The Red Cross is number one in my book. I love the Red Cross.”

Karrín Pachecho

YOU CAN HELP people affected by disasters like fires and countless other crises by making a gift to Red Cross Disaster Relief. Your gift is a commitment to helping people in need, and every single donation matters. Please click, text or call to donate to the Red Cross. Your gift is a commitment to helping people affected by disasters big and small. Visit redcross.org, call 1-800-RED CROSS or text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation. 

If you have a desire to help people impacted by disasters like wildfires and other emergencies, you can make a significant impact as a Red Cross volunteer. Learn more at redcross.org/volunteer.

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