Serving Those Who Serve Our Nation

Every day, men and women answer our nation’s call to serve in the armed forces, and the American Red Cross stands by these heroes and their families from the day they enlist throughout their military careers and beyond. These heroes and their families assume great responsibility and face daunting challenges unique to military life, including multiple deployments in faraway locations, lengthy separations from loved ones, and risk of injury and death. Many of the returning service members and soon-to-be veterans suffer injuries to their physical and mental health due to the challenges of their military service. They require assistance and support — as do their families. Red Cross volunteers help prepare for, cope with, and respond to these challenges.

Our volunteers help provide critical services with a caring touch wherever and whenever needed — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year — to serve military members and their families at home and around the world. Red Cross volunteers help military families communicate with their loved ones and facilitate their return home to deal with emergencies on the home front through our Hero Care Network, which is available online, by phone, through our mobile app or in person.

If you are someone with strong listening skills and the ability to work with culturally diverse populations, you can help provide a critical link for families during emergency situations and provide hope to our nation’s heroes and their families. Join our network of amazing volunteers in our Service to the Armed Forces and apply today!

Available Volunteer Opportunities on our Service to the Armed Forces Team:

Resiliency Workshop Facilitator

As a workshop facilitator, you would provide the tools to address the stress of military life and reintegration with family and community by teaching resiliency skills through three impactful programs—Coping with Deployments, Reconnection Workshops, and Mind-Body Workshops. Must be a Clinically Licensed Behavioral Health Practitioner.

Hero Care: Regional Family Contact Volunteer

Connect with military families to provide Red Cross resources and information and support. Flexible remote work with scheduled commitment. Great for those with strong interpersonal, communication and listening skills. Recommended knowledge or experience with military.

Veterans History Project Volunteer

This project preserves and makes personal accounts of American war veterans accessible so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of military service and war. A wonderful opportunity to engage with and learn from those that have served our county.

Join our mission! Sign up to become a volunteer at

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