Sharing the love this Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re celebrating love at the American Red Cross by sharing stories of amazing couples throughout our region who spend some of their quality time together volunteering for Red Cross. Meet some of our volunteer couples and learn about their love for the Red Cross!

Meet Isabel Bravo and Jose Perez!

For one couple, volunteering and giving back is a pillar of who they are. Isabel Bravo and Jose Perez both grew up with a shared value of serving others. Now as a couple they support one another in their mission to serve by volunteering their time to the American Red Cross among other organizations. Isabel as the Vice-Chair for the Kern, Eastern and Inyo County Chapter and Jose as a Community Volunteer Leader for the same chapter and Disaster Action Team member for the Central California Region. Together, they support and encourage each other to serve and make a difference in the lives of others. This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate the love we have for our loved ones and know we can give love to those we haven’t even met yet through volunteering. By loving others, we are able to serve with a giving heart.

Their shared sense of duty to help others is a value that strengthens their relationship. Supporting each other’s interests is the key to a successful relationship. Having the same passion for serving the Red Cross is icing on the cake.

We are deeply grateful for the work our Red Cross volunteers have done and are doing. We celebrate. We are able to help our communities only because of individuals like Jose and Isabel and thousands of others. To learn more about becoming a volunteer, visit

“If you want to do good, you can do that here at the Red Cross.”

Jose Perez

Meet Russ and Cindy Huge!

We have been volunteering together for the last 6 years and have had the opportunity to experience a variety of Red Cross lines of service. A few of our memorable moments include responding to a 2 a.m. home fire call with a total of 11 children as Disaster Action Team members; moving a response trailer in the snow in Frazier Park (which included exceptional back seat driving from Cindy); participating in multiple smoke alarm installation events; conducting dual media interviews; participating in Veterans Stand Downs; and responding to national disasters in California.

As a couple, we have been enriched by the opportunities to provide comfort and care to those in need.

Meet Bob and Sue Engler!

Retirement often means a chance to slow down, find some new hobbies and create your own schedule. But not for one Ventura County couple. They are as busy today as they were before leaving their paid jobs.

Bob and Sue Engler both thrive on service and have spent their lives helping others. Bob started out as a paramedic in 1975, spent 10 years doing that, and then became a firefighter with the Redondo Beach Fire Department. Sue worked as the CPR Coordinator for the Beverly Hills Fire Department, which led to her becoming a volunteer with the Red Cross three different times in her life.

“When I was working for the BHFD, I had about 120 volunteers and we taught CPR. About 20% of the Los Angeles County–trained CPR students were trained through us. While there, I was closely involved with the Red Cross in the Southern California/Los Angeles County area. When we moved to Ventura County, I volunteered in a nearby Red Cross office for about three years. About the time Bob was getting ready to retire, we both joined,” Engler stated.

Sue and Bob encourage others to find ways to serve their communities as well. The rewards gained are worth everything you give.

Read more about Bob and Sue’s story HERE!

Share your heart with the Red Cross. Find the right volunteer match for you at

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