Driving Our Mission Forward

When the unthinkable becomes reality, people need immediate support. During these most urgent moments, the American Red Cross shows up—often with little notice—to deliver help and hope, and we do this on a tremendous scale. Every eight minutes, the Red Cross mobilizes to help people in their darkest hours.

“It is so great to see the red and white trucks driving around the area. It makes me feel there is hope and help when I need it.”

–Jon Wells, wildfire survivor

To ensure we’re ready when the time comes, your local Red Cross is in a constant state of steadfast preparation: training volunteers and citizen responders, stocking warehouses with supplies and maintaining our fleet of vehicles. Around the clock, we answer the call thanks to generous supporters who help keep us mobile in our Emergency Response Vehicles (ERV).

The Red Cross ERV delivers critical items like food, water, medical supplies and even hope to communities in the midst of disasters. The Red Cross of the Central Valley is fundraising to upgrade our current ERV so trained disaster responders can provide help more efficiently to those who need it most. The cost of a Next Generation ERV is approximately $150,000, and will include new upgrades will include ergonomic seating, a sliding lift system to load supplies, better gas mileage and is better equipped to maneuver through difficult terrain. 

“We can replace the old generation ERV, get into that new one and be exactly what the Red Cross has been for the community, which is just a beacon of hope during a time of crisis and when folks are scared, here comes the Red Cross to help save the day,” said Irma Olguin, Jr., Red Cross Board Member & CEO, Bitwise Industries.

How You Can Help

Today, we are fundraising for a new Emergency Response Vehicle for the Central Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross. This vehicle is essential to the local community delivering disaster relief within our local service area. Our Central Valley Chapter, consisting of Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, Tulare & Kings counties is in desperate need due to living in one of the most disaster-prone communities in California.

With support like yours, you can help us reach families whose homes have burned, even as firefighters tackle the blaze. Please make a donation at https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/cverv-2021

Around the clock, we answer the call—when help can’t wait—thanks to generous supporters who help keep us mobile in our community emergency vehicles. Please join us in saving lives and supporting local disasters in the Central Valley.  To learn more, please contact your local fundraiser, Robert Schumann at robert.schumann@redcross.org.

Thank you!

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