Red Cross Holiday Gift Guide

8 Gifts That Give Back

What could be better than the joy of watching your family open gifts thoughtfully chosen just for them? How about if those gifts help to support a cause you both care about? And what if those gifts could also help them to be prepared in case of an emergency?

Everyone knows the Red Cross helps people during emergencies. But you may not know that part of our mission is to help you be prepared before an emergency. You can help your loved ones become “Red Cross Ready” with a special gift from our unique holiday gift guide. There’s something for every budget, your purchase supports a good cause, and you can buy with confidence directly from

Stocking Stuffers

Mini First Aid Kit

Perfect kit for cuts and scrapes of all sizes. This kit prepares you for those small everyday emergencies. Fits easily into a purse, pocket, school bag, or glove compartment. Get one for every member of the family.

Safety Tube

Ideal for commuters, workplaces, and schools, the handy grab-and-go Safety Tube allows you to be prepared for emergency evacuations. The compact size fits easily into backpacks and glove compartments, making it easy to keep in all of your go-to locations.

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

Great stocking stuffers! Keep yourself and your loved ones protected from the spread of germs with this 7.2 oz bottle of Hand Sanitizer. Contains 70% alcohol as well as moisturizing vitamin E and Aloe.

Great Values

Red Cross Ready First Aid Kit

The Be Red Cross Ready First Aid Kit contains essential supplies to treat most common injuries. A zippered pack with clear pockets keeps everything organized, includes Emergency First Aid Guide. It’s perfect for the home, car or the office.

Wilderness First Aid Guide

Great for scouts and outdoor enthusiasts. The 113-page guidebook helps with 25 outdoor first-aid emergencies. The compact Pocket Guide is an 8-panel weather and tear resistant fold-out that fits easily in a shirt pocket, backpack or tacklebox.

Blackout Buddy Flashlight

This LED flashlight automatically turns on when the power goes out. Also functions as a nightlight to keep your hallways or kid’s room softly illuminated. Motion sensor, auto-dimming, plugs into a wall outlet to automatically recharge.

Personal Emergency Pack

Prepare for the unexpected. The Deluxe Personal Safety Emergency Pack is designed to support one person during a short-term emergency. Keep one at your desk, one in your car, and one for each family member.

Another great giving idea is to honor friends and family with a heartfelt and meaningful present. Why not celebrate the best of the holiday giving season by making a holiday donation in the name of a loved one? Your gift will help support the many urgent needs of the American Red Cross. All holiday donations are tax-deductible and a free gift is available to you at select contribution levels.

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